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Focus Dual 
RF Microneedling

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Is Microneedling safe?

I have seen so many videos on social media talking of the dangers of RF microneedling, how it can melt fat and disfigure a face. There are pages that are dedicated to spreading this information to the masses. 
Are they right? Well any modality in the wrong hands can be damaging, but to paint a type of energy based device as simply unsafe is fear mongering and shows limited understanding of the science of this treatment.
RF microneedling is completely safe if used correctly and it's all down to two factors:

  1. Depth. 

  2. Purpose of treatment. 

The dermis (skin) of our face ranges from 1-2mm. This is how deep the needles should penetrate for safety. If someone is inappropriately using the device and going deeper than this, this is when it can penetrate the fatty layer and there is risk of damage.
There are countless scientific research papers that have studied this extensively and support that this is an extremely safe treatment when used correctly.
The purpose of this treatment should only be for treating texture and stimulating collagen. This only occurs in the dermis, therefore 1-2mm depth. This treatment can't lift a face. If any practitioner says so, then run a mile. This shows their lack of knowledge and may encourage them to go too deep or too hot.

Dr. Jasmin, founder

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