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Carbon Peel by SmartPICO


Revitalise lacklustre, dull, or tired skin with a swift and non-invasive carbon peel which is among our quickest procedures for enhancing complexion. VIZAGE provides carbon peel treatments using the SmartPICO laser system, recognised as the gold standard in cosmetic lasers, ensuring optimal results.

Laser carbon peels deeply exfoliate, stimulating collagen production with minimal downtime. Ideal for mild to moderate skin concerns, this method replaces chemicals with heat. Carbon peels effectively treat:

  • Acne, Acne Scarring and Pigmentation.

  • Clogged or Enlarged Pores. 

  • Tired, dull and lacklustre skin.

  • Photoageing.

  • Fine line & Wrinkles.

Proven Safety Record

Dramatically improve skin tone and appearance

Achieve flawless skin texture

World-leading technology at VIZAGE

What does a Carbon Peel Involve?

A carbon laser peel is an excellent choice for many as it is suitable for various skin types. The treatment involves a few steps:

Firstly, our expert skin specialist will spread a thin layer of liquid carbon onto your face.

Once the carbon is dried, you will get an eye shield to commence the laser treatment. 

Depending on your skin type, we may start by passing the laser over the skin to heat the dried carbon and your subdermal tissue which will boost collagen and plump fine lines. 

Next, the laser pulses will be used to fragment the liquid carbon into tiny particles along with oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and any other residue.

The treatment is completely painless, and no recovery time is required. This means that you will be leaving with instantly brighter skin and tighter pores. The results will continue to improve in the days following teh treatment as your skin produces more collagen. 


Best Results

3 to 6 sessions



Procedure Time

Up to 1 hour



£250 per session, £750 3 sessions

Carbon Peel is exclusively performed using SmartPICO at VIZAGE




Expert practitioners


Personalised treatments


Natural-looking results


Cutting-edge technology


Client satisfaction

“I'd been toying with the idea of lip filler for AGES but had always managed to talk myself out of it - I was worried it wouldn't look natural on me! However, Dr Jasmin is AMAZING! I only had my lips done yesterday but the swelling has already reduced and I love the shape. They look really natural and I can't stop staring at them! Dr Jasmin is also a really lovely person - she took the time to listen to what I wanted and also gave me good advice on things other than my procedure. She is a qualified dentist too, so I knew that she was the best of the best and knew her way around a face! Thank you so so much - I can't wait to visit you again. You're truly the best at what you do and lovely too! Elisha x

Elisha M - Google Review

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