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Nevus of Ota / Ito

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Whether you've had Nevus of Ota or Ito since birth or developed it in adulthood, these marks, often appearing around the eye area, can lead to self-consciousness. Our clinic in VIZAGE specialises in treating these pigmentation concerns, offering a seamless restoration of confidence.

We take pride in delivering safe and effective treatments suitable for individuals of all skin types and tones. If you're considering the removal of Nevus of Ota or Ito, explore more about their nature, causes, treatment process or book your free laser skin consultation online. 

What Is A Nevus And Why Do They Occur?

A nevus, commonly known as a mole, is a benign and stable skin irregularity. These formations, a type of dermal melanocytosis, consist of nevus cells located deep within the dermis. Typically brown or blue/grey in color, moles can vary in size. Different types of nevi, such as Nevus of Ota and Nevus of Ito, can be found in various areas of the body. The cause of nevi and dermal melanocytosis remains unknown, though some researchers speculate that hormones and sun exposure may contribute to their development.

Nevus of Ota

Nevus of Ota is situated on the forehead and face, particularly around the eye area, potentially leading to hyperpigmentation in parts of the eye. It is the most prevalent form of dermal melanocytosis, with 50% of cases emerging at birth, although occurrences can also manifest during childhood and adulthood.

Nevus of Ito

Nevus of Ito typically shares the same coloration as Nevus of Ota, appearing as patches on the shoulder and upper arm area. Although less common than Nevus of Ota, both types can be effectively removed using the same laser treatment method.

What is VIZAGE's technology of choice for Nevus of Ota or Ito treatments?


How are they treated?

Nevus of Ota and Nevus of Ito can be effectively eliminated through laser treatments. In this procedure, the SmartPICO laser, a top-of-the-range and highly flexible system, is utilised.

The laser system incorporates four distinct emission modalities, including Picosecond pulses, known for their effectiveness in treating nevi. SmartPICO releases a significant amount of energy in a fraction of a second with Picosecond laser pulses, safely and efficiently removing pigmentation while minimising damage to the surrounding skin.

Book your free consultation at VIZAGE online to discuss your treatment plan. 



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“I'd been toying with the idea of lip filler for AGES but had always managed to talk myself out of it - I was worried it wouldn't look natural on me! However, Dr Jasmin is AMAZING! I only had my lips done yesterday but the swelling has already reduced and I love the shape. They look really natural and I can't stop staring at them! Dr Jasmin is also a really lovely person - she took the time to listen to what I wanted and also gave me good advice on things other than my procedure. She is a qualified dentist too, so I knew that she was the best of the best and knew her way around a face! Thank you so so much - I can't wait to visit you again. You're truly the best at what you do and lovely too! Elisha x

Elisha M - Google Review

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