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What you need to know about the Profile Balancing procedure

The duration of the procedure depends on how many areas are being treated. Following a thorough consultation, disinfection, and allowing time for topical or local anaesthetia to take effect, the treatment itself could take 10-60 minutes. It is important to go slowly and assess skin changes to ensure safety, but also to take a step back and continually assess the changes in the profile to ensure optimisation and harmony.

The duration of effects depend on which area is being treated, the product being used and patient factors. Areas such as the lips, which are subject to high shear forces, and softer products used, lends to shorter durations, compared to areas such as the chin, nose and jawline. I suggest to my patients that the lips need to be retreated from 3-9 months and the nose, chin and jawline 9-18 months.

The price varies depending on the amount of product required and this is determined during the consultation. When treating the profile, it is important to formulate a personalised treatment plan based on aesthetic need and patients concerns and not be dictated solely the number of syringes a patient would like, as social media and celebrity packages may have distorted their perception of natural harmony. You must always aim to use as little product as possible and add to this further down the line if necessary.

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